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Our Vision

Angel Group Agency strives to share the advantages of gold investment with the community

Angel Group Agency aims to help people create and protect their wealth.

Angel Group Agency aims to be the best FinTech gold service agency in the world while helping you make decisions in financial prudence that is consistent with your goals and to provide personal satisfaction and lasting peace of mind.

Our Mission

To produce more than 1000 gold millionaires under the wings of Angel Group Agency.

To expand marketing in other countries such as Indonesia, Singapore and the rest of the world.

To build more than 30,000 consultants with a 5-figure income.

To establish over 10,000 Merchant Shops.

To create a financially literate society.

To generate a society that enjoys financial freedom

Our Objectives

To encourage the community to save gold for future use

To develop a financial freedom concept

To provide offline and online training services in gold trading.

To deal more efficiently and professionally with clients.

To always be aware and ready for a change so that the service can be improved from time to time.

To be the Economic Recovery Solution.

To educate the community in financial literacy

To educate the community in collecting 1kg of gold per family

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